The basics of Texas Holdem Poker

It is quite easy to study the basics of Texas Holdem in couple of hours, but it may take a whole life to learn the game itself. The article aims to tell the basics of T- Holdem that will assist you on your pass to the top of poker professionalism.  


The introduction to the game

T- Holdem use a classic 52-cards deck; an Ace is considered the leading one. The aim of the game is to collect the top combo (hands) of 5 cards, in accordance with the classic ranking of hands.

At the beginning of the circle, each participant is given 2 cards shirt up, so-called pocket units. After dealing them in the 1st circle of betting, 3 common cards are laid shirt up on the desk. This is a flop position.

In the next circle of bets, a 4th card called a turn, is also added face down to the 3 common cards on the desk. After the next circle, the last 5th common card called the river, is also laid down on the desk.

Finally, participants open their cards, and the entire gaming bank goes to the person who has collected the senior poker match.



Blinds are called compulsory bets that must be made in order to make a game bank consisting of participant`s chips. The 1st person sitting to the left of the dealer introduces the small blind (SB), following by the player introducing the big blind (BB). The SB is half the BB; it is also equal to half the minimum bet. The BB is equal to the minimum bet in its full size. In games for money, the price of bets remains the same time after time, while in competitions they periodically increase.


Tips for beginners

1.Long-term thinking.

 Nobody likes to lose, but in the long run, the flow of skills at the poker table also ensures the flow of money. From time to time, any player inevitably gets the familiar matches, the successful or disastrous result of which is determined by how he can play them.



2.Learn opponents

T- Holdem – is the game of underestimation. You will never notice the opponent’s cards during the game, so you will have to use sophisticated tactics of predicting possible options of the hands of opponents in order to make relevant decisions. Their manner of placing bets, the history of previous games, table conversations and non-verbal reactions when playing in live mode will give you the outlook of their pocket cards.


3.Always play within your bankroll

Repeat this advice every night before you go to bed like a mantra. A rational approach to poker allows you to remain in it and gives you the necessary time to find an optimal poker strategy for winning. Never bet more than you are ready to lose.

T- Holdem is the most popular type of poker. All major games and tournaments are played exactly in Holdem, other variants of poker do not take even 10% its popularity. Some of the tips we give may seem trivial, but they worth to remember to be the winner in this game. You should use this list of instructions on playing Holdem as the first stage of your way to the top of poker glory. Good luck on this track and may the flop be with you! 

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