The most popular poker types of the world

Poker is an intellectual card game, the main purpose of which is to get the best hand at the table or discard your rival. Today we will talk about the main types of game, which unite thousands of people all over the world.


Texas Holdem

T-Holdem is the most frequent type of game. A Holdem hand has four circles of trading – the “streets”:

  1.     Pre-flop (1st phase of betting), every participant is given 2 private cards (the player can see them exclusively);
  2.     Flop (the 2nd trading circle) 3 common cards are opened;
  3.     Turn (the 3rd round) another common card is shown;
  4.     River (the 4th circle) the last card is unlocked.

The main aim of each gambler is to make the highest 5-card match using the unlocked cards to the player (2 pocket and 5 commons). The high popularity of T-Holdem is due to the involving atmosphere of the game in which 2 to 10 participants can take part at the same time.



Omaha is an alternative classic form of the game. The main distinction from T-Holdem is that the person is given 4 pocket cards and 2 of them he have to use to compile the winning 5-card combo with 3 of community cards.

There is another variation of the game – Omaha High / Low. A person able to win half of the bank, having collected the best combo, and that player who will take the lowest row of 5 cards will win the second half. In addition, there are 5-card variations of Omaha.


7 Card Stud

7 Card Stud is a classic variety of game with a rich history. During the gambling, people get 7 cards, 5 of which are used to make a winning combo. Unlike T-Holdem and Omaha, 7 card studs are usually played with limited bets. The gambler gets 3 cards, 2 of which are hidden, and all the players at the table see the only card. The following 3 cards are also distributed to each participant openly, and only the last 7th card is seen by the player.

There is also a high/low version of the 7-card stud, the basic principles of which are similar to those used in Omaha High / Low.


5-Card Draw Poker

5-card draw is one of the oldest types of the game. From 2 to 5 players participate in the game. Before the start of each hand, involved people make a compulsory bet. The dealer gives five closed cards to everyone and passes the 1st circle, after which the person can change up to five cards to improve his combination. After the change follows the 2nd phase. At the showdown, the one who got the highest 5-card match wins.

We have told about the main types of poker, which unites thousands of players from all over the world at their tables. What is your favorite one?

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