Best Poker Rooms for Beginners

Choosing a poker room software, lots of beginners pay attention to not only the playing conditions but also to the beneficial features. Some poker rooms have attractive promotions providing users with various bonuses and tournament tickets.

What To Pay Attention To

It’s worth keeping in mind poker results depend not only on the skill but also on the right poker room selection. It’s significant to find the room where the game will both bring you joy and make it possible for you to make a fortune. Attention should be paid to such aspects as:

  • gaming field;
  • poker room management software;
  • customer support;
  • freerolls;
  • bonuses;
  • players’ reviews.

4 Best Poker Rooms

What is the best place for a newbie to play poker? There are lots of different rooms to choose from and each of them has its own advantages, such as weak players, attractive bonuses, huge prize funds. What does a beginner need for a good start? First of all, as many weak opponents at the poker table as possible. Secondly, an entertainment element. It should be fun to play the game. Bonuses are the most appealing part; it only remains to choose the best one.




1. Bet365

Two main room advantages are Bet365 players can have access to some private tables, as well as beginners,  get certain bonuses immediately after the signup.

Due to the fact Bet365 poker room operates in the iPoker network, it maintains huge customer traffic. Moreover, the site itself is available in different languages which make it possible to significantly increase the target audience of customers. One of the distinctive Bet365 features is special Premium tables designed for regular customers.


2. PokerStars

The room allows players playing different level poker. Here, you can meet anyone, even world stars of poker. It’s really easy to sign up on the website, as well as you get a possibility to start playing placing small bets which make the website so special.

  • 100% deposit bonus up to $600;
  • $ 30 gift on deposit from $20;
  • Free tickets and Spin-&-Goal freerolls;
  • MTT and cash game up to 200NL;
  • qualitative soft;
  • reliability.

Lots of players miss the chance and don’t receive up to 3 start bonuses at PokerStars. This is a simple process that consists of 2 steps; the first one if to sign up and create an account using the marketing code PSP3108 in the menu, while the second step is to make a deposit with the bonus code STARS600 (for all 3 bonuses).


3. 888Poker

This is one of the largest poker rooms on the web. The company owns large online casinos, sports betting, and bingo sites. Thousands of players come to the 888Poker tables from the casino. 888Poker welcomes new players with free money.

  • 100% deposit bonus up to $800;
  • $88 no deposit bonus for signing up;
  • rakeback up to 50%;
  • MTT and cash game up to 200NL;
  • bonuses and freerolls for the players.

Creating a new profile, beginners get $ 1 in a cash account and 14 tickets of $ 0.50 each they’ll receive during the week. Some cash and a whole package of tournament tickets give players a great opportunity to practice the game for real money without risking their own funds.

 4. William Hill

The performance of the program makes it possible for you to enjoy high-quality games. The program itself satisfies the need even of the most experienced players. It is also significant to note that William Hill players are able to make comments during the game.

Experienced players are able to develop their own strategies during the game. The existing loyalty program, become of the aspects attracting new players to the William Hill platform.


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